Vidia Fairy

Vidia is one of the fairies in the Tinkerbell movie series. She is not one of Tinkerbells friends, more of the villian. She is an official disney fairy, apart of the Disney fairies franchise and is a meetable character at all Disney parks. She is voiced by Pamela Adlon


Vidia is the tallest out of all disney fairies. She has fair skin and is slender. She wears purple leggings with a purple halter top with pink feathers on them and has white wings with a purple tint to them. She has grey eyes, full purple lips and her hair is just like Megara from Hercules, but black.


Vidia has a fast flying talent. She thinks that this talent makes her very special and is very conceited about it. She's competitive, arrogant and does not like Tinkerbell. Possibly due to jealousy.

In the films:Edit

In Tinkerbell, when Vidia and tinkerbell are both attacked by a hawk, they choose the same hiding place causing the hawk to see Vidia and attack her. To get revenge on Tinkerbell, she tricks Tinkerbell into making a fool out of herself. When Queen Clarion finds out, Vidia gets punished

In Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, Vidia has a very small part and doesn't even have one line. She's shown at the beginning and at the end. She attempts to hide the fact that she's proud of tinkerbell coming through.

In Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue, Vidia has a much larger role. Tinkerbell gets kidnapped by a human and Vidia along with the rest of the fairy friends go to save her. While Tinkerbells other friends build a boat to get her, Vidia goes in to save Tink, which ends up getting Vidia caught too.

In Tinkerbell and the secret of the fairy wings, an upcoming movie. Tinkerbell and friends learn the secret of fairy wings. It is unknown if Vidia will join them in this film, but it highly likely.


  • Vidia is the only fairy from the books to become a main character in the stories.