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Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Vanellope von Schweetz is the deuteragonist in the film Wreck-It Ralph. She is a cute and tomboyishly beautiful 9-year old racer whose goal is to be a racer in the game Sugar Rush. She becomes close friends with Ralph. Sarah Silverman did her voice.


Vanellope is a character in Sugar Rush. When the game opened, Vanellope was a princess of the Sugar Rush game. Well, until Turbo now known as King Candy, a game car virus who messed up a lot of games. Erased everyones memory and Vanellope was known as a glitch.

When that happened, Vanellope was not a loud to race. She couldn't leave the arcade incase of evacuation of Sugar Rush she would be stuck in the game and would die with the program and would no longer be a character.

Once she meets Wreck-it Ralph she faces out of her glitch and is determined to win the race and be a racer and no glitch. She ignores characters like some of the it racers of the game. Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) from Hero's Duty, goes with Fix-It Felix Jr. to find Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph, Felix, and his soul mate go against these virus bugs they save Sugar Rush and Vanellope wins a race and the programs re-generated and everyone has there memory back and it's back to normal.