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is the younger sister to an evil witch named Evanora. Theodora is a Heroine, AND a villian. She meets the man of her dreams and falls in love with him, even though he does not truly love her. Theodora asumes he loves her and thinks he wants to marry her. Later in the film though, Theodora soon learns that the man loves someone else, and Theodora is crushed. Her sister gives her an apple that holds a spell to melt Theodora's heart, making Theodora think that it is better to have no heart, then to have one that can be broken. With that, Theodora takes a bite of the apple, and suddenly, the world looks different. Theodora suddenly feels a huge pain coming from her heart, she asks her sister what happened to her, Evanora smiles and tells her that her heart is melting, and soon, all Theodora could feel was wickedness.

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