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Silvermist Fairy

Silvermist is one of the main characters from Disney's Peter Pan-based computer-animated Tinker Bell films. In all films, she is voiced by Lucy Liu. She is an official Disney Fairy and meetable at all Disney Parks.


Silvermist is an asian fairy, she has long blueish black hair. She is slender and has full pink lips. She wears a long blue dress ith a yellow stripe (shorter version showed in picture here) and has white wings with a blue tint to them.

In films:Edit

In Tinkerbell, it is stated that Silvermist is a water fairy. She is shown at the beginning of the films. She helps Tinkerbell with her dislikes of being a tink.

In Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, Silvermist delivers autumn with the rest of the fairies.

In Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue, Silvermist helps save tinkerbell after being captured by Lizzy.


  • Silvermists nickname is "Sil"
  • She is voiced by Lucy Liu
  • She is the only Disney fairy to have two colours on her dress.

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