Sharpay Evans is one of the main characters from Disney's popular High School Musical trilogy. Although she
serves as the main antagonist of all three films, she is more of an overly-ambitious anti-heroine than a true villain.

Sharpay is a multi-talented high school student who has starred in all of her school's theatre productions. When her crush, Troy Bolton, and newcomer Gabriella Montez secretly audition for the Winter Musical, Sharpay (with the relucant help of her twin brother, Ryan), will stop at nothing to prevent them from stealing her spotlight.

Sharpay was portrayed by American actress and singer, Ashley Tisdale.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sharpay is introduced as a beautiful teenage girl in the eleventh grade with long, yellow-blonde hair (which, to-date, remains her best-known feature), flawless fair skin, and hazel eyes.


Sharpay has a reputation of being spoiled, snobby, selfish, mean, shallow, conceited, and manipulative. Used to always getting what she wants and wanting what she gets, Sharpay is overly-ambitious, big-headed, haughty, and strives to remain the centre of attention at all times. However, she is not all bad, and does have a softer, more accepting and "sweeter" side that usually surfaces after admitting defeat.