Raquel Blue, better-known by her nickname "Rocky", is one of the two main characters of the Disney Channel Original Series, Shake It Up. Rocky is best known for being one of the lead dancers on the fictional dance television show, Shake it up Chicago. She is best friends and dance partners with fellow dancer, CeCe Jones.
Rocky Blue Shake It Up Season 2

Personality and appearence

Rocky is a bubbly,enerjetic, and sometimes sassy girl who is very smart and clever. She loves reading and studying, much like fellow Disney heroine, Ally Dawson. No matter how crazy CeCe's plans can be, Rocky is always loyal to them, but after getting hypnotized in Shake it up: Made in Japan, Rocky's slowly learning to be more independent. Rocky has curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and light brown skin

Rocky is portrayed by American actress, singer, and dancer, Zendaya.

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