Rapunzel is the main protagonist of Disney's 2010 animated feature film Tangled.

Rapunzel is a princess born with long, golden-blonde hair that possesses magical abilities. At infancy she was stolen from her family and locked away in a tower for eighteen years where her hair's healing abilities are exploited by the vain Mother Gothel. One day, Rapunzel finally decides to leave the tower to see the floating lanterns, reluctantly accompanied by a handsome thief named Flynn Rider.

As an adult, Rapunzel's speaking and singing voices are provided by American singer-songwriter and actress, Mandy Moore, while Delaney Rose Stein provides her juvenile voice.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rapunzel is a beautiful, eighteen-year-old young woman from the enchanted kingdom of Corona. She has large green eyes, long thin eyebrows, soft and rosy cheeks, and a fair complexion. Her nose is covered in a delicate sprinkling of freckles, making her the first Disney Princess (and one of the few Disney heroines) to have them.

Rapunzel's most recognizable and distinguishing feature is, of course, her seventy feet of long, golden hair, which is later cut short and turns brown at the end of the film. Rapunzel tends to resemble her mother, the Queen of Corona, especially with brown hair.


Despite her beauty, Rapunzel is free-spirited, stubborn, smart, kind, and playful, but a bit naive due to her rather sheltered upbringing. However, she is in no way defenseless, and is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself and others when the situation calls for it. She does, however, experience some difficulty when it comes to standing up to Mother Gothel.

Having spent all of her life isolated in a tower with little else to do, she is proficiently educated in literature, and talented in almost all areas such as music and baking and even more advanced subjects like astronomy as illustrated by her completely charted astronomical patterns; her greatest passion is art as indicated by the pervasive amount of painting on the walls inside the tower. While she longs to see the world beyond her window, she is very obedient to Mother Gothel. Despite having ambivalent feelings after leaving her tower in excitement to finally see the world, she confronts and rebels against Mother Gothel's wish of her returning to the tower after a short journey with Flynn Rider. She is quite daring; leaping from tall cliffs and swinging great lengths with her hair. . She is also very charismatic; able to influence a group of pub thugs to share their dreams and convince Maximus, the palace steed of the Captain, to postpone his pursuit of Flynn until she fulfills her dream on her birthday (which is heavily emphasized). Rapunzel is also known, particularly by Pascal, to be quite trustworthy and never ever breaks the promises she makes.

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Voice ActressEdit

Originally, Broadway legend, Kristen Chenoweth, was going to provide the speaking and singing voices of
Rapunzel and Moore
Rapunzel for Disney's then-upcoming animated feature film, Tangled, but this was later cancelled for unconfirmed reasons. So, Disney contacted and re-casted former teen idol, Mandy Moore, as Rapunzel.