Pocahontas is the main character of Disney's 1995 animated film Pocahontas, and its 1998 direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.

Pocahontas, the free-spirited daughter of Powhatan leader Chief Powhatan, is forced to act as a peacekeeper between her Native tribe and the English settlers when she meets and falls in love with the English Captain John Smith.

Pocahontas' speaking voice is provided by Irene Bedard, while her singing voice is provided by Judy Kuhn.

Personality and Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pocahontas is an extremely beautiful young woman of Native-American heritage with long, raven-black hair, copper-tone skin, and dark brown eyes.


Pocahontas is a noble, free-spirited, and highly spiritual young woman. She expresses wisdom beyond her years and offers kindness and guidance to those around her. She loves adventure and nature. She seems to be able commune with nature, talk to spirits, empathize with animals, and understand unknown languages.

In the sequel, Pocahontas seems to have grown after hearing of John Smith's assumed death. She keeps her independent spirit and playfulness, but is much more mature and self assured than she was in the first film. During her stay in England, she nearly loses herself in the hustle and bustle of this new world and is turned into someone she's not. But in the end she bravely intends to sacrifice herself for her people's safety and returns to her homeland, finding herself, and love, once again.

Backround and DevelopementEdit


Pocahontas is loosely based off of a Virginia Indian, with the same name. Like the Pocahonras in the movie, she was the daughter of Chief Powhatan, the head of a network of tributary tribal nations, she saved the life of John Smith, and married John Rolfe. However, these are mainly all of the similarities.


  • Pocahontas is the only Disney Princess that had two love interests, namely, John Smith, and John Rolfe..