Olivia Flaversham is the tritagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. She is the daughter of widowed toymaker Hiram Flaversham. It was because of his kidnapping that she decided to find Basil of Baker Street, with help from his partner, Dr. David Q. Dawson. She was voiced by Susanne Pollatsheck.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

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Olivia Flaversham

Physical AppearanceEdit

Olivia is a small and slender tan mouse with bright blue eyes, a small buck tooth, curvy pink ears, a round head, a pink heart-shaped nose, and little hands and feet.


Olivia normally wears a reddish-fuchsia bow behind her left ear, a light blus long-sleeved sailor's blouse with a white collar and a dark green bow, a blue plaid miniskirt, white panties, white ankle-length socks and black Mary Jane shoes. When she is outside on cold or rainy days, she wears a blue dress coat, a blue tam-o'-shanter with a fuchsia pom-pom, and a light blue plaid scarf.


Olivia is a generally innocent, sweet, rambunctious, brave, adorable and very beautiful little girl. She cares for everyone, especially her father (who is her only remaining living relative, due to her mother being deceased). She is fond of fuzzy animals, particularly Toby. She becomes irritated when people say her last name wrong (as is evident when Basil gets it wrong on a multitude of occassions) and she typically corrects them (on one occassion, with the help of Dr. Dawson).