Miss Bianca

Miss Bianca is one of the two main protagonists of Disney's 1977 animated feature film, The Rescuers, and its 1990 sequel, The Rescuers Down Under. She is a beautiful white mouse. She usually wears just a purple hat and scarf, but she seems to have a lot of outfits, including dresses, such as a darker purple one. In both movies, she was voiced by the late Eva Gabor, who had also previously voiced Duchess in The Aristocats. But, like in that role, Bianca's singing voice was done by an uncredited Robie Lester, also deceased.


  • Although Bianca is Hungarian, her name means "white" (in feminine, singular form) in Italian, and it is properly matching, because her fur is white.
  • Bianca is originally Bernard's wife in the novels, but she doesn't marry Bernard until after the events of The Rescuers Down Under.


Bianca With Bernard

Bianca sprays perfume on herself outside the Society Hall, with Bernard as the janitor.