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Meg is the deutrotragonist of the 2012 animated short Paperman


Meg looks as though she's in her twenties. She supposedly has brown hair, since the short is not in color, and big brown eyes. She wears a formal business top and skirt and carries a folder. She has a childish look about her and she is very beautiful.

Role in the FilmEdit

In the beginning of the short, Meg is standing on an elevated train platform in mid-20th century New York City, when she meets a man named George who is standing next to her when an incoming train dislodges one of his papers and blows it onto Meg's face, leaving a red lipstick mark on the paper. George is entranced by the lipstick mark and Meg's beauty, and therefore misses her when she departs on the train.

Meg is later seen when George looks out his office building's window and sees her at the building across the street. Meg fails to notice George when he tries to get her attention by waving his arms. George then uses a stack of contracts to get her attention by turning them into paper airplanes and throwing them into her open window despite repeated warnings from his boss. Unfortunately, his efforts are met with only varying levels of failure, one being that his airplane went past Meg and into the garbage can where she never notices it. As George uses his last contract, he still hasn't gotten her attention, and in desperation, he uses the precious lipstick-marked paper, although this fails as well when the wind blows it out of his hand. Meg then leaves her office, and George follows. Unfortunately, he fails to see which way she went, and heads home in disgust. However, the paper airplanes are not done with him yet. Many of the planes landed in a nearby alley, and when the lipstick paper lands amongst them, they take action and set off to bring George and Meg together.  Meg is found by the lipstick airplane, and recognizing it, she follows it to a different train station. The two are finally brought together as the airplanes force them out onto the same platform at a third station where both their trains stop. The two finally meet, as the credits roll.


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