Lilly Truscott

Lillian "Lilly" Truscott is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel television sitcom, Hannah Montana. Lilly is protrayed by Emily Osment.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Lilly is a pretty teenage girl with long, golden-blonde hair and crystaline-blue eyes. She is about average height for her age, and


Lilly is introduced as an energetic tomboy. She enjoys eating, playing sports and video games, and hanging out with boys. Unlike Miley, Lilly is less concerned about her appearance; this often leads the two best friends to have disagreements about how Lilly should or should not act. On one occasion, Miley attempts to change Lilly's personality to help her impress a boy, but this backfires. Since then, Miley has learned to accept Lilly for who she is.

Though somewhat dim-witted and a bit on the slow side, Lilly gets good grades in school, often performing better than her witty and clever best friend, Miley. A straight-A student, Lilly also participates in a variety of extra curricular activites. In the final season, this helps Lilly get into Stanford University, while Miley doesn't (Miley's hectic double life prevents her from participating in extra curriculars, which Stanford is looking for).


At the beginning of the series, Lilly is an eccentric tomboy whose wardrobe contained of a wide variety of bright-coloured T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies, shorts, jeans and capris, sneakers and sandals, and beanies. Her hair was often left unstyled, and she shied avoided wearing lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, or any other form of makeup, much unlike her long-time best friend, Miley.

As the series progresses and Lilly matures, so does her sense of fashion. Lilly dons a more feminine attire; she begins styling her long blonde hair, and applies some forms of makeup to her face.

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