Lady Kluck is Maid Marian's lady-in-waiting in "Robin Hood". She is a silly, muscular hen who enjoys playing badminton with her boss. She loves young love, and advises Marian on her love for Robin Hood, as "absence makes the heart grow fonder". She is very athletic, as she is shown flipping the rhino guards over, and knocking them over, as in football. She is voiced by Carole Shelley, being the second British bird in a Disney film to be voiced by the same voice actress, the other being Amelia Gabble from "The Aristocats".


Not only is Lady Kluck the second British bird to be voiced by Carole Shelley; in fact, "Robin Hood" is the second animated Disney film to feature both Shelley and Monica Evans (the voice for Maid Marian) together, especially as British animals, the first being "The Aristocats", in which both actresses voiced the Gabble Sisters.

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