Iridessa at Disney Parks

Iridessa is one of Tinkerbells friends. She makes her first appearance in the Tinkerbell movies. She is an official disney fairy, apart of the disney franchise and is a meetable character at all Disney parks.


Iridessa is african american, has black hair tied in a bun and has full red lips. She is slender, wears a long yellow top and matching skirt. She has white fairy wings with a yellow tint and has yellow pixie shoes. She is voiced by Raven symone.


Iridessa is a light fairy, she is basically the fairy of the sun. Thats why she dresses in yellow. She is passionate, kind and bubbly. She does get anxious at times, but is optimistic about things. She is also helpfull.

In the films:Edit

In Tinkerbell, Iridessa appears at the beginning of the film. She tries to help tinkerbell not be a tink anymore and to change her talent.

In Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, she makes a few appearances, and when tink asks her for some pixie dust and then some.

In Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings, an upcoming movie, Iridessa and the rest of the fairies go to find the secret of the wings. They are guided by a fairy named Perriwinkle. It is not said if Perriwinkle will join the Disney fairy franchise or not.


  • Iridessa's nickname is "Dessa" and is called this by Tinkerbell.

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