Fawn 2

Fawn Fairy

Fawn is one of Tinkerbells friends. She makes her first appearance in the tinkerbell movies. She is an official Disney Fairy, apart of the Disney Fairy franchise and is a meetable character at all Disney parks. She is voiced by America Ferrera.


Fawn wears an orange top with orange pants. She has a long braid with side swept bangs, white wings with an orange tint, full coral lips and brown eyes. She is slender and the shortest of all Disney fairies.


Fawn is an animal fairy. She loves animals of all kind. She is rascally, tom boy like, spunky, rascal and a mischief. Fawn likes to joke around and prank on other fairies. Apart from this, she is nice and a great friend to tinkerbell and the rest.

In the Film:Edit

In the movie Tinkerbell, Fawn helps Tinkerbell to find another talent besides being a Tinker. She teaches Tinkerbell how birds can fly. Then she went to the mainland to make spring.

In Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, Fawn delivers autumn with the other fairies. She is also at the fairy tale theater, she sat next to tinkerbell.

In Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue, she helps save tinkerbell with the other fairies. Then they built a boat to get her while Vidia went to get tinkerbell. After Vidia got caught by Mr. Griffiths, she went to go get her.

In Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings, an upcoming movie, tinkerbell and friends learn the secret of the fairy wings. They are guided by a fairy named Perriwinkle. It is unknown if Perriwinkle will join the Fairy franchise.


  • Fawns favourite food is clover salad
  • Fawn lives in a pinecone, shaped into a house
  • Fawn is voiced by America Ferrera

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