Faline as a child

Faline is the deuteragonist of Bambi. As a juvenile in the first film, she is voiced by the late Cammie King, while as an adult, she is voiced by 15-year-old Ann Gillis. Andrea Bowen did her voice in the midquel Bambi II.
250px-Adult Faline-1-

Faline as an adult

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Faline is a beautiful doe, with blue eyes. As a child, she is shown to be very small and has spots, and as an adult, she no longer has spots, and is much bigger.


As a child, Faline is a sweet, and sensitive doe, who is very playful, and very giggly. As an adult, Faline is much more mature.


  • Faline is the first Disney heroine to have first known the main hero as a child, separated for a long time, and finally reunited as an adult, the last two being Maid Marian and Nala (though Aurora may or may not count as one of them).

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