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Princess Atta

Princess Atta is the deuteragonist of Disney/Pixar's 1998 computer-animated feature film, A Bug's Life.

Atta, the older daughter of the Queen, is the worrisome princess of the ant colony and the next heir to the throne.

Atta was voiced by American actress and comedienne, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Princess Atta is a beautiful, purplish-blue female ant with large, deep-blue eyes, a tiny waist, and a pair of elegantly curled antennas atop her round head.


At the beginning of the film, Atta is introduced as very talkative, high-strung, and nervous ant. Anxious about taking her mother's place as Queen, she frequently worries about what the other ant colonists will think of her. She comes off as a bit sarcastic, often complaining about various situations, as well as reprimanding and scolding others unnecessarily, especially Flik. She does, however, have a soft spot for him, which becomes more obvious as the film progresses. Atta is also generally loving, caring, warm-hearted, kind and brave (although her bravery is often overshadowed by her almost archetypically princess-like behaviour).


A Bugs LifeEdit

Atta is introduced as the colony's princess, and is seen overseeing the collection of the offering to Hopper and his grasshoppers. However, just before they arrive, an ant named Flik knocks the food into the river while testing a mechanical harvester. Hopper gives the ants the rest of the season to collect the food, but chooses to double the order.

Atta allows Flik to leave to recruit warrior bugs to fight the grasshoppers, but only to get rid of him as she believes it to be a fool's errand. Much to Atta's surprise, Flik returns with warriors in tow. Unknown to her, they are actually circus bugs. However, Atta nearly overhears the bugs talking with Flik while they are sorting out the misunderstanding.

Atta and Flik bond while working on a fake bird designed to scare Hopper away, out of their mutual desire to please the colony. However, when P.T. Flea, the ring master of the circus bugs arrives, Atta angrily banishes Flik for deceiving the colony. Flik returns after learning of a plan to squish the Queen, and is able to help the ants realize that they are stronger than the grasshoppers. When a rainstorm suddenly breaks out, Flik

Atta and Flik

is captured by Hopper. Atta rescues him and the two are able to lure Hopper to the nest of a real bird that had threatened Dot earlier.

By the next spring, Atta has become Queen of the Ant Colony, and has chosen Flik to be her mate.