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Anna Maria on her balcony

Anna Maria is a female character in Disney's 1957 TV show, Zorro. She is very pretty and is Zorro's love interest. She is also very weathy and capable of taking care of herself in dire situations.


Anna Maria Verdugo is the beautiful daughter of Señor Verdugo, she is somewhere between 18-20 years of age. She is loving and kind, but also brave and feisty, she loves her father dearly and is good friends with Don Diego de la Vega.

Role in the FilmEdit

Anna Maria appears in nine episodes from season 2 of Zorro.

In "Welcome to Monterey" Anna Maria gets angry at Don Diego because he think that he father is involved in a conspiracy to steal 43,000 pesos. Then she learns that Don Diego no longer suspects her father and says good bye to him as she is going to accompany her father to Spain, even though it is dangerous.

Then in "The Senorita Makes a Choice" Anna Maria's father has been kidnapped and Anna Maria must give the kidnappers the 43,000 pesos needed to finance a supplies ship to bring to California. She is unsure of what to do when Don Diego tells her not to and her father's helper tells her to give the money.



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