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Ally Dawson is the main charcter alongside Austin Moon in the Disney Channel original comedy, Austin and Ally. Ally is known for writing Austin's songs and dosen't enjoy the spotlight and likes being in the backround. In Songwriting and Starfish, she is described as a "goody goody" by Austin when she left money for the ice cream they ate.

Appearence and personality

Ally is an aspiring and talented songwriter and as shown in Deejays and Demos and Costumes and Courage, an amazing singer. She has extreme stage fright, the reason being she embarrased herself in front of the owner of a prestegious music university by screaming at a piano out of nevousness. She is shown to be a sweet girl that takes pride in doing the right thing, but on many occasions does akward things. Ally has light brown hair, hazel colored eyes, and fare, light skin

Austin Moon

In some episodes, it is hinted Austin and Ally might have feelings for each other. In many episodes, Austin has stuck up for Ally and in the episode Backups and Breakups,they have a brief conversation wondering if it would be weird if they were dating and Austin seems nervous and jittery.

Ally is portrayed by American actress and songwriter, Laura Marano

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